Data and methods in social and spatial epidemiology

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Data and methods in social and spatial epidemiology

Key Aims/Outcomes

To criticallly engage with new methods used in social and spatial epidemiology to understand how socio-economic  circumstances shape health. To apply these methods appropriately to newly available data.


Project Summary

Public health researchers increasingly use administrative secondary data sources, ‘big’ data and spatial data. At the same time there have been advancements in epidemiological methods for causal inference using observational data.

Our research group is interested in understanding and applying new methods from a range of disciplines (e.g. computer science, economics and epidemiology) to understanding the social and spatial generation of health inequalities in Australia.


A/Prof Rebecca Bentley

Dr Koen Simons

Dr Ankur Singh

Dr Ali Barr

Dr Suzanne Mavoa


Various including Australian Research Council and Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Funding is ongoing

Research Opportunities

This research project is available to PhD students to join as part of their thesis.
Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.

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Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

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Centre for Health Equity

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