Violence against people with disabilities

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People with disabilities are more likely to experience all types of violence.  There is currently a lack of reliable and cohesive data on disability and violence in Australia.  We know that adults with disability are two to three times as likely to experience all forms of interpersonal violence (e.g. physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual violence) than those without disabilities.  Previous work has only applied to people with disabilities overall, and it has not been possible to dis-aggregate by the type of disability/impairment.

People with disabilities are a largely heterogeneous group and this work will investigate how the experience of violence varies for people with different impairments and across a variety contexts, and also also investigate existing interventions to prevent and respond to violence against people with disability.


Professor Anne Kavanagh, Disability and Health Unit, Centre for Health Equity
Dr Tania King,  Disability and Health Unit, Centre for Health Equity
Dr Georgina Sutherland,  Disability and Health Unit, Centre for Health Equity

Research Group

Disability and Health Unit

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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