Making Melbourne inclusive for people with a disability

Project Details

In 2019, we worked with the City of Melbourne to run a series of workshops around how to make the City of Melbourne more inclusive for people with disability. We consulted with disability advocates, people with lived experience of disability, researchers and Council staff, in a series of solutions-focused workshops. There were four key groupings of ideas summarised below:

+ Consultation with people with disability who live and work and use the city to get around

+ Legislation: compliance, DDA, building codes, new technology, universal design principles

+ Accessible public transport, and accessible communication from Public Transport staff

+  Footpaths - design, clutter, surfaces, layout and accessibility

The outcomes of this project have been documented in a report with recommendations for the City of Melbourne's Disability Action Plan.


Dr Jerome Rachele, Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health
Dr Ilan Wiesel, School of Geography, University of Melbourne
Dr Ellen van Holstein, School of Geography, University of Melbourne
Ms Celia Green, Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health
Ms Ellen Bicknell, Centre for Health Equity, University of Melbourne



Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, City of Melbourne and Melbourne Disability Institute

Research Outcomes

Research Group

Disability and Health Unit

School Research Themes

Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care, Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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Centre for Health Equity

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