Genetic and Environmental Modifiers of Hereditary Haemochromatosis: The HealthIron Study

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This project studies the natural history of HFE-associated hereditary haemochromatosis and has successfully identified a number of genetic and environmental modifiers of iron-overload phenotypes.


Associate Professor Lyle Gurrin

Professor Katie Allen (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute [MCRI])

Professor Martin Delatycki (Austin Hospital, Bruce LeFroy Centre, MCRI)

Professor Christine McLaren (University of California at Irvine)


NHMRC Project Grant 2007-2008; NHMRC Project Grant 2009-2011; NIH R01 2003 - 2006; NIH R24 2011-2012

Research Publications

Delatycki MB,Tai G,Corben L,Yiu EM,Evans-Galea MV,Stephenson SE,Gurrin L,Allen KJ,Lynch D, Lockhart PJ  HFE p.C282Y heterozygosity is associated with earlier disease onset in Friedreich ataxia  Mov Disord (2013)

Gurrin, L.C., Turkovic, L.  Combining individual participant data and summary statistics from both continuously-valued and binary variables to estimate regression parameters Australia and New Zealand Journal of Statistics  (2012)  54 1  1 – 2

Wang, Y.; Gurrin, L. C.; Wluka, A. E.; Bertalli, N. A.; Osborne, N. J.; Delatycki, M. B.; Giles, G. G.; English, D. R.; Hopper, J. L.; Simpson, J. A.; Graves, S.; Allen, K. J.; Cicuttini, F. M.  HFE C282Y Homozygosity Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Total Hip Replacement for Osteoarthritis  Semin Arthritis Rheum (2012)

Delatycki, M. B.; Wolthuizen, M.; Collins, V.; Varley, E.; Craven, J.; Allen, K. J.; Gurrin, L. C.; Aitken, M.; Trembath, M. K.; Bond, L.; Wilson, G. R.; Stephenson, S. E.; Macciocca, I.; Hickerton, C.; Lockhart, P. J.; Metcalfe, S. A.  IronXS: high-school screening for hereditary haemochromatosis is acceptable and feasible  Eur J Hum Genet  (2012)

Bertalli, N. A.; Allen, K. J.; McLaren, C. E.; Turkovic, L.; Osborne, N. J.; Constantine, C. C.; Delatycki, M. B.; English, D. R.; Giles, G. G.; Hopper, J. L.; Anderson, G. J.; Olynyk, J. K.; Powell, L. W.; Gurrin, L. C.  A comparison of self-reported and record-linked blood donation history in an Australian cohort  Transfusion  (2011)

Osborne, N. J.; Gurrin, L. C.; Allen, K. J.; Constantine, C. C.; Delatycki, M. B.; McLaren, C. E.; Gertig, D. M.; Anderson, G. J.; Southey, M. C.; Olynyk, J. K.; Powell, L. W.; Hopper, J. L.; Giles, G. G.; English, D. R.  HFE C282Yhomozygotes are at increased risk of breast and colorectal cancer  Hepatology (2010)  51 4  1311-8

Allen, K. J.; Bertalli, N. A.; Osborne, N. J.; Constantine, C. C.; Delatycki, M. B.; Nisselle, A. E.; Nicoll, A. J.; Gertig, D. M.; McLaren, C. E.; Giles, G. G.; Hopper, J. L.; Anderson, G. J.; Olynyk, J. K.; Powell, L. W.; Gurrin, L. C.  HFE Cys282Tyr homozygotes with serum ferritin concentrations below 1000 microg/L are at low risk of hemochromatosis  Hepatology (2010)  52 3  925-33

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