Lynn Gillam Awarded the Chairman's Medal at RCH

Professor Lynn Gillam has recently been awarded the Chairman’s medial at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH),  The Chairman's Medal is the most prestigious award that can be bestowed by The Royal Children’s Hospital upon a member of staff and recognises exemplary achievement by an individual in her or his chosen field. It commemorates an outstanding contribution to the work and reputation of the RCH, and a significant impact by the individual on the hospital’s vision to be a great children's hospital, leading the way.

Professor Lynn Gillam, Health Humanities and Social Sciences Unit

Recipients of the Chairman's Medal demonstrate commitment and leadership, and a contribution to the life of the hospital and its community that transcend the requirements of an individual or departmental role.

The award recognises the unique impact of an individual who, over a significant period of time, has embodied our organisational values of respect, excellence, integrity and unity and demonstrated a commitment to living out our RCH Compact.

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