Engagement grants for disability research

New projects funded focus on employment and disability and developing inclusive spaces for young people in the City of Melbourne.

In partnership with the Attitude Foundation, Zoe Aitken, George Disney and Vas Kasidis have been funded to create a series of videos on employment and people with disability, to spark public conversations about inequities faced by people with disabilities.  The videos will feature a range of people of different ages and impairment types describing their experience of looking for work, securing a job and issues they faced in the workplace. We know that meaningful, stable and high-quality employment has a positive impact on health and wellbeing and can increase participation in the community. Recent research, though, has found that people with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed, not in the labour force and underemployed than people without disabilities.

More information on the Disability Docos project can be found here

Jerome Rachele's engagement grant will focus on making the City of Melbourne more inclusive for children and adolescents with disability. This is an extension of a current project that explores the liveability of the city from a disability perspective, funded through the Melbourne Disability Institute. More information on this new project can be found here

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