MSPGH Seminar: From Evaluation to Optimization of Biomarker Use: Maximizing the Benefits of Colorectal Screening Using a Meta-Model

Seminar Room 515 Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton.

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Dr Erik Koffijberg, Associate Professor, Department of Health Technology & Services Research, Technical Medical Centre, University of Twente,  The Netherlands

When assessing new tests and biomarkers in clinical trials is costly and time consuming, model-based analysis may be valuable to assess (cost‑)effectiveness and budget impact. When the timing of tests can be varied, model-based evaluation of only a limited number of timing strategies is suboptimal. However, evaluation of all possible strategies is often computationally infeasible. This presentation will illustrate the advantages of using a meta-model to optimize test timing, in a case study on screening for colorectal cancer including colonoscopy capacity constraints.

Dr. Erik Koffijberg is Associate Professor at the Department of Health Technology & Services Research, and Deputy Director of the Personalized Medicine & HTA programme, at the University of Twente.

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All, welcome, please feel free to bring your own lunch.