Experiences of Health Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic: In their own words

A new book by Professor Marie Bismark (Centre For Health Policy) and colleagues tells the stories of healthcare workers in Australia during the pandemic, in their own words, drawing on nearly 10,000 responses to the Frontline Health Workers Study. The book hopes to achieve four things. First, to allow healthcare workers to share their stories, and hear from others, as a way of giving words to their experience and finding a sense of shared meaning. Second, to nurture a deeper understanding within the community and among healthcare leaders of how the pandemic affected those providing care. Third, to shine a light on what these experiences mean for creating a stronger, kinder, and fairer health system for our future. And finally, to create a record of the extraordinary contribution of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way of honouring and remembering their contributions.

“Experiences of Health Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic: In their own words” is available from Routledge. Use FLE22 for 20% off or, if you have a teaching role within the University, you can request a free review copy from the publisher.