Emma Barnard, Georgia Dempster and Karl Andriessen CMH Seminar

Ethical concerns in suicide research: The views of researchers and research ethics committees
Presenters: Dr Karl Andriessen, Ms Emma Barnard, Ms Georgia Dempster

Via Zoom https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/84862277148? pwd=a2JXNHhCcUc2dVRrL2ZscWk1bE1Zdz09 Password: 826799

Ethically sound research is crucial to improve the prevention of suicidal behaviour and to better help people affected by suicide. However, little is known about how researchers and ethics committees deal with suicide-related study applications. Hence, our team at the Centre for Mental Health embarked on a series of studies to investigate the experiences of Australian (study 1), and international researchers (study 2) in obtaining ethics approval for their suicide-related studies and how they dealt with the concerns they received from research ethics committees. Next, we investigated the experiences of representatives of human research ethics committees at Australian universities (study 3).

In this seminar we will present the findings from the three studies and draw important implications for researchers regarding preparing suicide-related study applications, as well as important considerations for sustained collaboration between researchers and research ethics committees. Finally, we will outline our next steps in this research project, which will result in a resource for researchers who may apply for suicide-related studies.

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