Research Projects

Gender Equality

We investigate how gender equity impacts on health and wellbeing, as well as current approaches to the measurement of gender equality in the workforce.

Policy, Services and the NDIS

Our work in this theme is primarily concerned with linked data, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and major government policy reform.

Mental health

This research program focuses on mental health in the workplace, mental health and disability, suicide prevention as well as gender and mental health.

Health behaviours

This research is about understanding behaviour change and investigates behaviour change interventions in people with MS and disability in Australia.

Violence and Discrimination

This research theme includes projects on discrimination, general attitudes towards disability as well as the nature and extent of violence towards people with disability.

COVID-19 and Inequality

These projects focus on the impact of COVID-19on workers from a gender perspective and for people with disability in the immediate, adjustment and recovery phases of the pandemic.