Congratulations Allison Milner

Congratulations to Allison Milner on her promotion to Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne's School of Population and Global Health.

Allison Milner is a social epidemiologist who works with longitudinal data-sets to answer critical questions about the inter-relationships between gender, employment, disability and suicide.

She has established an international track record by pursuing high-quality journal publications and competitive grants. Her research portfolio follows key themes including:

1) a focus on areas of importance in public health;
2) a commitment to studying actionable programs, policy and interventions;
3) establishing strong collaborations with international experts;
4) commitment to community leadership and service, nationally and internationally.

In 2017, Allison was awarded a Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowship 2018-2021, one of only three awarded and the only one in not in a biomedical discipline. She currently has 118 publications published in highly regarded epidemiological and mental health journals. She has led national and international competitive grants which have contributed $14.2 million in research finding since 2013.

A highly productive researcher, Allison has made an important contribution to scholarly literature across a range of research topics including employment quality and psychosocial disability/suicide; evaluation of suicide prevention;  gender, occupation and suicide.  She has adopted a wide range of epidemiological and econometric methods in order establish evidence about a casual relationship between employment/occupation and psychosocial disability/suicide.

Allison also engages with nonā€academic partners to influence policy and practice to improve population health and wellbeing. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Disability and Health Unit, in the Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health.