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We have been asking people across the world about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their life, sense of wellbeing and financial situation so far. Here is a snapshot of what we have heard.


The levels of optimism about our future

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Feelings of stress

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Sense of wellbeing

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Economic impacts

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Describing how you feel

Some of my family members have lost their jobs and are staying back at home with me. I provide for our daily needs. It's affecting me both financially & my mental health.I manage my anxiety, anger and insomnia by taking long walks. Curfews, 1-hour outside limit, distance from house limits & mandatory masks are impacting this coping mechanism.       It has meant more time and better quality time with our children. I think it has helped build stronger connections with our neighbours. as people have been inclined to offer help to each other.

I'm not sure what kind of job I will get after I run out of my work contract in a few months or whether I will get a job at all is a big question mark. The bottom 40% household income range population are most impacted by the lockdown as most of them rely on daily wages to have food on the table. This is especially emotional for me.The crisis has made many people more considerate and has curtailed senseless negative behaviour. It has been a valuable life-lesson for many people.

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Please note that all the findings presented here are currently unweighted from across the world.