Strengthening CRVS Design

In May, the Bloomberg Data for Health (BD4H) Initiative joined with several countries in Bangkok to develop country-specific process models for the registration of births and deaths, both inside and outside health facilities.

Representatives from the countries with which BD4H and its partners have been collaborating in the region (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Salomon Islands and Sri-Lanka), have worked together to define and improve their respective CRVS System Architectures.

The workshop applied specific analytical approaches to understand each country's system typology; organisational structure, processes and workflows. As explained by the Swiss TPH: “CRVS systems are extraordinarily complex systems; and much of the slow progress in CRVS performance improvements suggests system failures rather than technical failure”. This process allows for diagnosis of the system’s current architecture and modelling of the proposed architecture. This aids countries in planning better CRVS Systems and estimating the future requirements and resources needed to achieve them.

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