Representation, Remembrance and the Memorial (RRM)

Project Details

Representation, Remembrance and the Memorial (RRM) is a visual arts research project that concerns the Australian frontier wars and the possibility of representing the magnitude of Indigenous loss and survival in a national memorial.

Led by the Wiradjuri/Celtic artist Brook Andrew with a group of local and international peoples (see 'FORUM 2018'), the project focuses on case studies including investigating international examples of monuments to genocide and community approaches to remembering frontier violence.

Brook Andrew holds positions at both Monash University where this project is based and the University of Melbourne where he is an Honorary Senior Fellow. Prof Marcia Langton is a mentor to Chief Investigator Brook Andrew on this project. Andrew, Langton and Dr Jessica Neath are jointly publishing articles and other outcomes of this project.


Professor Marcia Langton

Brook Andrew

Dr Jessica Neath