Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Project Details

Partnering with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), the University of Melbourne hosted the Indigenous Data Sovereignty Symposium on 11 and 12 October 2017 at the Parkville campus.

Specific aims of the Symposium include:

  1. the development of a nationwide network to empower Indigenous organisations and communities to take advantage of developments in data science and maximise the use of their data resources for community benefit;
  2. increasing awareness of the importance of Indigenous data sovereignty for local Indigenous communities, researchers, government and other related stakeholders;
  3. providing information on custodianship, management of, and reporting and presentation of data, including models of monitoring and evaluation;
  4. outlining specific strategies and approaches to make better use of data that Indigenous people already have undisputed sovereignty (e.g.  the information held by the Indigenous land councils, medical services, legal services etc.); and,
  5. providing information on custodianship, reporting and presentation of data.

Convenors of the Symposium:

Professor Marcia Langton, Associate Provost, Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies

Professor Shaun Ewen, PVC (Indigenous), Director, Melbourne Poche Centre of Indigenous Health

Professor Janet McCalman, MSPGH

Dr Nikki Moodie, CSHE

Dr Kristen Smith, MSPGH

Dr Len Smith, ANU

For more information please contact Indigenous Studies:

Our event would not be possible without support from the following:


The Lowitja Institute

University of Melbourne including:

  • Centre for Health Equity
  • Melbourne Engagement Grant 2017
  • University of Melbourne Indigenous Research Initiative 2017
  • Chancellery Engagement