Dr Assunta Hunter

Research Fellow

Assunta Hunter is a medical anthropologist with a particular interest in traditional medicine. Her doctoral research was a multi-sited ethnography of the traditional medicine community in Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand. Her interest in the creation and transmission of indigenous knowledges drew her to explore the modernization of traditional medicine education in Thailand. She has broad interests in the social and political history of Asian countries and her approach to anthropological studies draws in a multi-disciplinary perspective including public health, sociology and multi-sited ethnography.

In her work over the last decade she has joined a variety of social health research projects about ethics and the use of digital data, the mapping of future influenza pandemics and most recently a number of community-based participatory studies of the multiple sclerosis community including the impacts of depression, smoking and natural disasters on people living with multiple sclerosis. She has particular skill as a qualitative researcher and enjoys working with vulnerable populations. She has done research work with Indigenous populations in remote Australia, in refugee health and with traditional medicine practitioners in in Northern Thailand.