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The Indigenous Studies Unit undertakes research aiming to improve outcomes in Indigenous health and wellbeing, particularly in relation to alcohol misuse and family violence, Indigenous data governance, digital archives, cultural heritage, technology and resource management. We make regular contributions to Parliamentary reviews and Inquiries, cross-platform media, and policy development.

We collaborate with international researchers in nations including France, Japan, Canada, the US, Cambodia, East Timor and India. We have partnerships across MDHS and other faculties including the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Science (including specific Centres such as the Poche Centre and Murrup Barak).

Our Unit consists of researchers from anthropology, medical anthropology, law and related disciplines. The group’s expertise in designing and implementing strategies for policy reform in Indigenous Australia is highly regarded.

Our team

Key research projects

Alcohol management plans in Indigenous communities

Indigenous communities have been central to the development of AMPs, however there has been very little research associated with documenting the effectiveness of the AMP approach, or into the appropriate implementation and evaluation frameworks necessary for such an approach to be evidence-based.

Indigenous family violence

This research investigates the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have experienced family violence, identifies practical and legal supports for men in these communities who perpetrate family violence, and the landscape of policy and legislation in this area.

Indigenous Data Network (IDN)

Assists Indigenous communities in developing the technical capability and resources to enable them to manage their data for community advancement.

Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements (ATNS) project

A gateway to information about agreements between Indigenous people and others in Australia and overseas. Follow updates on Twitter.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Curricula project

This project aims to empower all teachers to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in their teaching.

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