'Share Your Story': Success Stories


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'Share Your Story': Success Stories


If you, your organisation, regional eye stakeholder group or another collaboration are interested in ‘sharing your story’, please complete the online template below or alternatively download the Word version of the template and email it to IEH Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au The following template is a suggestion and is meant to provide a guide with prompts to collect information to create the ‘story’.

Please share with us any quotes, photos, videos or supporting articles to go along with ‘your story’, and of course, we won’t publish any material until we have cleared it with you.

‘Your story’ will be displayed on IEH’s website and may be promoted in other IEH publications (newsletter, Twitter, Facebook etc.).

If you have any difficulties or questions when completing this template, please email IEH, Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au or call (03) 834 49320

Download Word Template Media Release Form

Please fill in all the fields below and click the submit button when complete

Your Contact Details
Are you happy for your contact details to be included at the end of the story? *

What is the focus/theme of your story?
What prompted the initiative - What is the data/community saying? Include relevant details like location/community/organisation/Indigenous population/language group etc. (if applicable)
Details of implementation (what/who). Include any partnerships/collaborations. Was funding provided to support initiative?
Describe some of the changes or outcomes that were achieved
What were some of the barriers or challenges and how were they overcome?
Describe the lessons learned. What were the key elements that made this a success? What are the future plans to further or continue this effort?
Supporting photos/images/logos and other attachments: Please only tick the box if you are answering YES to the question. We will follow up with you further if necessary.
^ Requires signed IEH Media Release Form