December 2020 Update

Click the image below to view a one-page overview of the evaluation methods and timelines.

thumbnail image of the evaluation 1 pager document

Ethics approvals have now been received from 7 HRECs, including: The University of Melbourne, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW, Aboriginal Health Research Ethics Committee of South Australia, Human Research Ethics Committee of the Northern Territory, Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee and the Western Australian Aboriginal Health Ethics Committee. Applications are pending with other entities and appropriate local approvals will be sought as required.

Data collection has started in jurisdictions where ethics approvals are finalised and this has included focus groups and interviews in two regional case-study sites. Interviews with external stakeholders on the role of IEHU in implementation of the Roadmap will start in December.

The second round of EOIs for case-study sites is now open for focus-groups and interviews to take place in February, March and April 2021 (see EOI for Case Study Regions tab)

The national survey will be released in early 2021, once all ethics approvals have been provided. The survey provides an opportunity for those working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye care to share their views and experiences and the information gathered will help with planning future activities and allow learning to be shared about what works to improve eye care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Survey participants will also go into the draw to win one of 20 ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ t-shirts or a pair of Deadly Eyewear sunnies!

For more information, see the December 2020 evaluation update provided at the 2nd codesign workshop here