Close the Gap for Vision by 2020: National Conference 2017


Close the gap for Vision by 2020: National Conference 2017

The Close the Gap for Vision by 2020 National Conference 2017 was held in Melbourne on16 and 17 March 2017. 107 attendees from all jurisdictions and representing national, state and territory, regional and local organisations and interests across Australia gathered to share learnings and experiences to improve Indigenous eye health. It was also a time to discuss and plan what needs to be done to close the gap for vision by 2020.

Successful initiatives, collaborations and reforms were reported from urban, regional and remote settings broadly applying regional approaches to Indigenous eye care. Regions discussed the importance of collaborative partnerships and networks, engagement of a dedicated project officers, at least for a period of time, jurisdictional oversight and support and promoting eye health messages to facilitate Indigenous eye health improvements. Short length funding cycles and data access and sharing were identified as key challenges that impede regional progress.

The collective attending the conference confirmed their commitment to close the gap for vision by 2020. Some additional funding will be required and improved coordination and connectivity to cleverly use existing programs and resources were considered key. 2020 is only three years away and delegates expressed interest in additional national meetings to support work towards the 2020 goal.

The conference report, presentations, and other supplementary materials can be found below:

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