Evaluation Summary Report

IEH have worked with Indigenous creative agency, Little Rocket, to present an accessible summary of the key evaluation findings in a 6-page document.

In December 2021, Indigenous creative agency, Little Rocket, was engaged to assist us in sharing the outcomes of the evaluation project.

The summary document describes the key themes that emerged from the evaluation, along with findings against the key evaluation questions.

Evaluation Summary Report

summary report 2022

Bangerang/Wiradjuri artists, Casey Atkinson and Matty Atkinson, were commissioned to develop an artwork, and Little Rocket have based their graphic design around the key elements of Casey and Matty's wonderful piece of art, which presents the key themes that came out of the evaluation:

6 icons depicting artwork elements

If you have thoughts or comments about how IEHU, or the eye health sector, can respond to the key findings of the evaluation email us at Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au