'Share Your Story': Cultural Safety in Eye Care – Lions Outback Vision

kerry with a partient

Lions Outback Vision travels the State of Western Australia from Albany through to Wyndham stopping in rural and remote towns to address the effects of vision loss and blindness. Outreach services are coordinated visits by ophthalmologists to regional communities primarily in locations which host a regional hospital or medical centre where surgical procedures can be performed. Lions Outback Vision works closely with WA Country Health Services, Population Health Networks, Aboriginal Medical Services, local health organisations and community groups.

The latest story from the ‘Share Your Story’ initiative - Cultural Safety in Eye Care – Lions Outback Vision follows the journey of Kerry Woods (Everett), an Aboriginal woman from the clan Plangermairreenner of the Ben Lomond people; a clan of the Cape Portland nation in North-East Tasmania who lives on Noongar country (Perth) in her role with Lions Outback Vision.

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