Examples of Local Adaptations


Examples of Local Adaptations

The national ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ resources were designed to enable local adaptations by other communities to support local ownership and control.

See examples below of a number of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations in regions working under the guidance of their ‘Roadmap’ regional eye stakeholder groups who locally adapted the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ posters with their community champions or heroes to promote YEARLY eye checks for people with diabetes.

Please contact Indigenous Eye Health via email Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au or telephone (03) 834 49320 for more information and support with your local community adaptations.

1. Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation

Ramahyuck worked with one of their local diabetes clients, Shane Smith, to be the community champion in the East Gippsland region of Victoria.

They also printed a number of smaller flyers to use as their handouts for clients to promote awareness around diabetes eye care.

sampales of posters from ramayuck

2. Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Corporation (GEGAC)

GEGAC ran a diabetes health day at their clinic and invited community members into a session that included eye examinations.

At the community event, GEGAC worked with one of their local clients with diabetes and Aboriginal Health Worker, Joshua Tuiono, in developing their locally adapted posters for their clinic based in East Gippsland in Victoria.

Joshua also presented this work at the Close the Gap for Vision by 2020: Strengthen and Sustain National Conference held in Alice Springs in March 2019.

samples of 3x posters for GEGAC

3. Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative

Rumbalara worked with some of their diabetes clients from Shepparton to develop their posters and pull up banners, including Elder June Murray and David Atkinson.

Rumbalara launched their locally adapted resources at a community event in Hume, Victoria for National Close the Gap Day.

samples of rumbalara poster adaptations

4. Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative

Wathaurong held a Diabetes Day to conduct retinal screening and work with their local diabetes clients and staff to develop their posters for the Geelong region in Victoria.

The new locally adapted posters were launched via social media during National Diabetes Week.

samples of facebook comments