Shaun Tatipata, Associate Director

Associate Director of Advocacy and Leadership. Academic Specialist: Indigenous Eye Health Leadership
Shaun Tatipata

Shaun Tatipata is a descendant of the Narrindjeri / Wuthathi people with family connections in the Torres Strait, Cape York and South Australia. He joined the Indigenous Eye Health Unit in January 2021 in the role of Academic Specialist: Indigenous Eye Health Leadership. Shaun’s professional career has been devoted to advancing the health and well-being of Indigenous Australians and has held Senior Management positions within the Community Controlled and Non-Government Sectors. Having originally trained as an Aboriginal Health Worker, Shaun gained extensive experience in delivering Primary Health Care and designing and implementing outreach programs in Indigenous communities. It was through these roles that Shaun developed his passion for preserving and restoring sight, and set out to focus on ensuring the delivery of culturally safe eye care services for Indigenous communities.