Onemda Executive Committee

The Onemda Executive Group is the senior management group of the Onemda: Aboriginal Health, Wellbeing, Equity and Healing Centre with overall responsibility for the management of Onemda including the teaching, research and translation activities of the Centre. The Onemda Executive Group in particular makes recommendations to the Director of Onemda in relation to the allocation of resources to achieve Centre, Unit, School and University goals and objectives.

Onemda specialises in Indigenous public health with a focus on research and teaching aimed at improving health and wellbeing outcomes in Australia and elsewhere through partnerships and collaborations and strong ethical foundations.


Prof Cath Chamberlain Director, Head of the Indigenous Health Equity Unit
Prof Marcia Langton Head of the Indigenous Studies Unit
A/Prof Mitchell Anjou Head of the Indigenous Eye Health Unit
Ms Meg Cox Centre Manager
Dr Kristen Smith Indigenous Studies Unit, Research and Grants Sub-Committee
Dr Elise Davis Indigenous Health Equity Unit, Research and Grants Sub-Committee
Ms Andrea Clarke Indigenous Health Equity Unit, Teaching and Learning Sub-Committee
Ms Deb Bowman Indigenous Health Equity Unit, Community Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Sub-Committee