How did covid-19 impact health workforce policy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of competent health workforce at the right settings, in the right number.

Healthcare workers preparing COVID-19 vaccine  CREDIT: WHO/ Tony Azios

When the pandemic reached the Western Pacific Region, countries made innovative policy decisions to address the surge workforce needs. Understanding the policy settings which benefitted the outcomes will be key to building more resilient health systems prepared for future health emergencies.

WHO Western Pacific Region Office has contracted Nossal Institute for Global Health to review and document the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on health workforce policy during COVID-19 the region.

Prarthna Dayal will lead the research to identify best practices and lessons learnt on management of surge capacity for COVID-19 care, vaccine roll-out, and other essential health services. A report examining the policy setting and their impact will be delivered mid 2022.

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