Pasang Tamang: Creating international connections

Pasang Tamang, a Post Graduate Researcher at the University of Huddersfield, is temporarily joining the Nossal Institute for Global Health as part of a professional placement to advance her research networks, and collaborations. She shares what brought her to Melbourne.

Felix Kiefel-Johnson Lindsey Gale Pasang Tamang Manjula Marella Alex Robinson
Pasang Tamang (centre) with new Nossal colleagues Felix Kiefel-Johnson, Lindsey Gale, Manjula Marella and Alex Robinson

Maternal and newborn health is a priority area in Global health. Improving the well-being of mothers, infants, and children determines the health of the next generation.

After my Masters in International Health at Queen Margaret University, UK, I worked at Save the Children International in Saving newborn lives project in Nepal. I saw the enormous impact Government policies have on the healthcare of their people.  This formed the basis of my PhD is on ‘Federalization and quality of care in maternal and neonatal health in Nepal’.

In Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population has been responsible for meeting the health needs of the people in Nepal prior to the federalisation. But the authority and responsibility have been shifted from the central government to local authorities as Nepal moved from a unitary country to federal republic after the promulgation of the new 2015 constitution. This will have impact the delivery of health services at all levels.  My PhD is looking at the impact of federalization in maintaining quality of care in maternal and neonatal health in Nepal.

My university received Turing grant fund from the UK government which allows post graduate researcher to have life-changing experience by allowing to travel across the world for international opportunities in education and training.  I applied for the grant outlining importance of this opportunity in my professional career as well as to build a strong network with global professionals in the field of global health.

I  attended a guest lecture given by Prof. Barbara McPake at Queen Margaret University and was awed by her expertise and insights. I was fascinated with Nossal’s way of working by combining the real-world experience with the scientific rigour in research and apply practical solutions to the pressing global concerns. Two year later, the Turing grant presented a unique opportunity  for me to join the Nossal Institute.

I am looking forward to learning from Nossal’s international experts and contributing my insights and experience that I have gained working in Nepal and UK to the ReLAB-HS project.

Pasang Tamang, is a graduate researchers at the University of Huddersfield. She is using her Turing grant for a placement at Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne.

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