Shazra Abbas

PhD Candidate

Shazra joined the Nossal Institute in May 2017 to begin a three-year project. Her research is on the growing burden of tuberculosis in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks fifth on a list of the 22 countries in the world with the highest burden of the disease. Despite the availability of free diagnostic and treatment services, Pakistan has been unable to contain the epidemic.

Shazra’s research aims to understand the community barriers that prevent people accessing timely treatment for tuberculosis.

As a clinician and public health specialist, Shazra spent six years working with disadvantaged communities in Pakistan, including with people living with HIV, sex workers and transgenders, who face stigma and discrimination. She also had an opportunity to work with a TB initiative in the country and realised the same fear of stigma and discrimination affected those with TB.

Her personal goal is to bring changes in the way research is approached in Pakistan so people are put at the centre of the country’s public health initiatives and interventions.