Naomi Francis

PhD Candidate

Naomi has a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and Arts (International Development) and began her career working as a flood modelling engineer. But her goal was to work in the community development field and this has led Naomi to take up a PhD at the Nossal Institute as part of an NHMRC-funded trial in Timor-Leste called ‘WASH for Worms’.

The trial was a partnership between several Australian universities and WaterAid – an NGO dedicated to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in low-income communities. Naomi’s research focused on the sanitation aspects of WaterAid’s intervention, an approach called Community-Led Total Sanitation.

Naomi was drawn to her PhD position because of the importance of WASH in community development and because it gives her an opportunity to learn more about human behaviour change.

When she isn’t working, Naomi enjoys making circus art and being outside in nature, whether she’s climbing, hiking or bike-riding.