Herfina Yohanna Nababan

PhD Candidate

Herfina studied medicine and developed a strong interest in health research after becoming aware of the huge discrepancies in health services and health outcomes in Indonesia, where she came from. Her PhD research focuses on the assessment of the quality of care for women and children provided by public health services across urban Bangladesh. She is also looking at how the quality of care in this sector influences the use of informal providers for the same services.

After graduating from her Masters studies in Japan, Herfina worked in Bangladesh for three years in health services and maternal and child health research with the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research Bangladesh. She hopes her current research can help further improve public health service delivery in Bangladesh.

Herfina enjoys the ‘supportive, friendly and chilled environment’ at the Nossal and this, and bright sun and blue sky, get her out of bed each morning. Her personal mission is to help countries deliver health services that can best benefit the population and result in the highest possible health outcomes.