Anteneh Asefa

PhD Candidate

Anteneh joined the Nossal Institute in 2016 and is spending three years researching how to promote respectful maternity care in Ethiopian health facilities. Ethiopia is one of the five countries that together make up about 48 per cent of the global maternal mortality. The aim of his research is to assess the effectiveness of an intervention designed to improve respectful maternity care on the incidence of disrespect and abuse faced by women during childbirth in hospitals.

Anteneh is a Fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for young African Leaders (USA, the Emerging Voices for Global Health (Belgium), and the Maternal Health Young Champions of the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard School of Public Health.

His daily schedule and avoiding procrastination get Anteneh out of bed each morning and he enjoys being part of team at the Nossal that is intent on influencing global health. His goal is to be a global maternal health advocate, researcher and decision maker.