Misha Coleman

Executive Director - Global Health Alliance

Misha joined the Nossal Institute in 2016 and has held several CEO and leadership roles in global, animal and environmental health. She’s worked for DFAT, the Australian Embassy in Vietnam and several international NGOs in the overseas aid and development sector.

A career highlight has been designing a program called Women Die Waiting – clinical services associate with an international campaign to highlight the plight of women in the Gaza Strip dying from breast cancer because of lack of access to treatment. She is also proud to be an elected City Councillor at the City of Yarra.

Misha has post-graduate qualifications in international development, women’s health, community development, monitoring and evaluation, project design and management, governance, compliance and international law from ANU, RMIT, Monash and the University of Melbourne.

Misha’s mission is to improve the lives of people less fortunate than herself.

Global Health Alliance