Katherine Gilbert

Health Systems Governance and Financing, Head

Katherine Gilbert

Before joining the Nossal Institute in 2016, Katherine Gilbert worked on research initiatives related to health systems and financing and she worked for the United Nations for eight years. Katherine has quantitative and qualitative research skills and much of her work with the Nossal Institute is focused on key policy issues. WHO recently commissioned her to prepare a report on the status of universal health coverage for the 2017 Pacific Health Minister’s Meeting.

Katherine is particularly interested in sexual and reproductive rights and health systems. She is leading research on unsafe abortion with the Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association, a follow-up to an earlier study with the Ministry of Health. She also worked with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on the transition of the financing of contraceptives from UNFPA to governments in the region.

From 2013 to 2015, Katherine was a Research Fellow at Monash University where she managed a World Bank-funded Health Facility Costing study in the Solomon Islands. Katherine also worked with the United Nations, including to help develop a child protection program in the Pacific for UNICEF and coordinating UNICEF’s global partnerships from New York. She was also an Aid Policy Advisor to former US President Bill Clinton during his time as UN Special Envoy to Haiti and supported Mr Clinton’s deputy, Dr Paul Farmer, and his efforts advocating for the poor in Haiti.

Katherine has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Melbourne and a Master’s in Public Policy from ANU.

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