Sangita Chakraborty

Research Assistant

Sangita Chakraborty

Sangita has a passion for Gender Equality and ensuring women and girls especially in developing countries, have access to equal and high-quality health services. She has worked at WaterAid Australia focusing on gender equality and social inclusion within water, sanitation and hygiene programs and policy.

Sangita was a Project Manager in the COVID-19 response at the Victorian Department of Health leading and delivering projects within the Epidemiology and Analysis team. She has been involved in multi-year evaluations, as well as multiple systematic reviews and rapid evidence assessments for state and commonwealth departments of health and social services across Australia, Singapore and Europe.

At Nossal, Sangita will be supporting projects to strengthen community resilience in Asia and the Pacific to advise local community leaders and government stakeholders of more gender equitable and socially inclusive approaches.

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