Dr Kate Gomersall

Research Fellow

Dr Kate Gomersall

Kate is an interdisciplinary researcher, trained in human geography. Her work explores participatory governance during development projects, previously focusing on poverty alleviation but most recently for community health interventions. Community participation is designed to ensure interventions are sensitive to local contexts, are designed with cultural sensitivities in mind and that gender and social inclusion are understood to ensure households benefit equitably.

Currently, she is planning community consultations with Tibetan communities in northern Nepal to review the Female Community Health Volunteer program (FCHV). She has spent the last few years working on ACIAR funded livestock health and livelihoods projects in Pakistan and Myanmar, exploring gender and social inclusion with respect to participation in rural development interventions. The projects explored intersections of human and animal wellbeing within environmental contexts.

Her PhD work explored participatory governance of a poverty alleviation resettlement project in northern, inland China. The research explored voluntarism and decision making for reconstruction of villages and livelihoods, including for human and environmental health.

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