Shuai Shao

Investigating Determinants of Health Provider Choices to Inform Health Policy Making: Eliciting Patient Preferences, India.

Shuai Shao

Shuai has a Master of Science in Global Health with a focus on Health Systems from Duke University’s global campus in Kunshan, China and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She has led several research projects in collaboration with international research organisations including the African Population and Health Research Centre in Kenya and the National Council of Applied Economic Research in India.

Shuai's current research interests are in the field of global health, health economics and international development. Her current doctoral research at the Nossal Institute for Global Health aims to use innovative health economics tools to understand how Indian health systems could be reshaped to better respond to population needs. Shuai has published her research in peer-reviewed journals including the Lancet Global Health and BMC Health Service Research.

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