Marie Habito

PhD Candidate

Maire Habito

Marie is a development research consultant with a Master of Development Studies degree from the University of Melbourne. She has worked with non-profit organisations based in the Philippines, covering a broad range of development themes, including maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition; emergency response for children, women, and vulnerable groups; community-based management of child malnutrition; gender and sexuality, among others.

Marie’s doctoral research, ‘Understanding adolescent pregnancy and parenthood in the Philippines: a mixed methods study’ explores the contexts and factors contributing to Filipino young people’s sexual and reproductive health outcomes.  Her research explores what more can be learned about adolescent sexual and reproductive health through further analysis of existing survey data, the role of digital technology and social media in young Filipinos’ intimate relationships, pathways to adolescent pregnancy among Filipino youth, and Filipino young people’s lived experiences of parenthood.

Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, this study aims to improve understanding of the contexts and factors that contribute to adolescent pregnancy and parenthood in the Philippines. Findings from this study are intended to contribute to the knowledge base for designing and implementing sexual and reproductive health programmes and policy for young people in the Philippines and other countries.

PhD Supervisor

Associate Professor Cathy Vaughan

Associate Professor Alison Morgan

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