Lana Logam

Technical Advisor

Lana joined the Nossal Institute in 2012 after working in arts organisations in Western Australia. She’d also been part of organisations in rural India and Morocco, working in post-disaster settings. While in Melbourne, she has had a volunteer community development role working with asylum seekers and helping them to get access to educational programs and services.

Lana has a BA (Fine Arts) and a BA in Cultural Studies from Curtin University in Perth. She has a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and an Honours in Psychology from the University of Melbourne.

Career highlights so far include being a tutor in a training program called Primary Health Care in Jamkhed in India and working as a welfare officer in a malaria prevention and treatment project in East Indonesia. Lana particularly enjoyed meeting determined village health workers who are delivering vital services at grassroots level.

Her pet Staffy usually wakes her every morning and the prospect of helping growing economies deliver best practice health policy is her key motivation.