Dr Liem Nguyen

Senior Technical Advisor

Dr Liem Nguyen completed a Bachelor of Economics, majoring in Demography, at the National Economic University in Vietnam. He has an MA and PhD in Demography/Sociology from Brown University in the US and joined the Nossal Institute in 2017.

He’s worked with the National University of Singapore, the Vietnam National Academy of Social Sciences, and Curtin University where he managed projects in population, health and development, health equity and social determinants of health.

Liem is a demographer and sociologist with extensive experience in designing population-based social surveys, training and supervising quantitative data collection, processing and analysing quantitative data and migration. As a sociologist, his interests include health equity, social determinants of health, health management information systems and disability-inclusive development.

Liem has consulted for government institutions, local NGOs and international organizations including UNFPA, UNICEF, the World Bank, Care International, Population Council and USAID on project and programme evaluation and socio-economic development issues.

Liem advises on disability inclusive development to DFAT via the CBM-Nossal partnership. He also co-supervises Masters of Public Health students and provides training on disability data and on disability and international development.
A career highlight has been developing a mobile health (mHealth) intervention to improve maternal and child health in remote Vietnam. The initiative was selected for the 2017 Global South eHealth Observatory awards.

Liem is an advisory board member of the Journal of Health and Development Studies of Hanoi University of Public Health.