Alexandra Devine

Senior Technical Advisor

Alex Devine joined the Nossal Institute in 2005 via the Victorian Public Health Training Scheme. She worked in the mental health and HIV areas but for the past eight years, her local and international research, capacity development and technical assistance expertise has focused on disability inclusive development.

Alex recently was lead researcher on a UNICEF funded situation analysis of children with disability in Cambodia and she is lead researcher on an evaluation of sport for development programs in the Pacific. Alex is also Co-investigator for an Australian Development Research Award project to improve access to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health for women with disability in the Philippines.

In addition, she is Co-investigator on an Australian Government-funded study to develop the Rapid Assessment of Disability (RAD) - a toolkit to measure the effectiveness of development activities that target or include people with disabilities. While challenging, the RAD project has led to positive outcomes and has contributed to the evidence base around promoting inclusion of persons with disabilities in development.

Alex is currently providing technical assistance to an Australian Government-funded Skills for Development Program in Kiribati that promotes access to vocational training and employment for people with disability. She is undertaking a PhD exploring access to employment for job seekers with psychosocial disability.

Alex hopes her work can help improve the lives of persons with disabilities individually and support broader critical changes that ensure people can participate equally in their communities.

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