Felix Kiefel-Johnson

Technical Advisor


Felix is an early career researcher passionate about understanding and promoting disability inclusion across the Asia-Pacific region.

Felix will be working on a longitude qualitative study into the lived-experiences of families of students with disability throughout the COVID-19 response in Victoria. He is also collaborating on the Scaling Up One Health Approaches in the Greater Mekong Sub region project.

Holding a Master’s of Social Work from the University of Melbourne and a Master’s of Social Anthropology from Stockholm University, Felix has experience as a disability and education support worker with neurodiverse children in Sweden and Australia. He believes cultural humility coupled with social justice is crucial for understanding human diversity and promoting the rights and participation of people with disability in global contexts.

Felix collaborates with the Social Work Stories Podcast, which explores the lived experiences of social work practice through digital storytelling and critical reflection. He is interested in the intersection between participatory research and new forms of online social scholarship, and how the podcast form can contribute to knowledge development around issues of equitable access to health and wellbeing.Explore Felix's research