About the Nossal

The Nossal Institute’s vision is for a better future through advances in global health.


Our mission is to support improvements in health of vulnerable communities in partnership, through research, education and inclusive development practice.


The Nossal strongly endorses the global responsibility to work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is driven by the following principles:

Health equity: We focus on equity in access to, use of, and payment for health services and other facilities and resources, recognising the role of broad social determinants of health

Knowledge: We are informed by and contribute to knowledge and evidence based solutions

Sustainability: We work towards enduring improvements in health through capacity development

Partnership:  Our partnerships are defined by mutual respect and understanding

The Nossal Institute incorporates four areas of expertise:

  • Education and Learning
  • Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Disability Inclusion for Health and Development
  • Governance and Finance

The work of the Nossal is supported by the Business Services Unit

The global activities of the Nossal focus on priority areas in Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa, with most work taking place in India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Mozambique.


The Nossal Institute is named in honour of Sir Gustav Nossal and his commitment to translating medical research into health for all.

The Institute was established in 2006 to advocate for the public health of vulnerable communities. The Nossal Institute Ltd, which was incorporated in 1998, is a company within the Institute formed to facilitate the international consultancy work of the Institute.