Current Graduate Researchers

The Centre for Mental Health’s currently enrolled research higher degree students:

Name CMH Supervisor(s) Thesis Title


Spittal (Primary)

Doctors' health and the impact of claims and regulatory systems.


Hart (Primary)

Helping teens in Bermuda better support their peers with a mental health problem: a national culturally adapted trial of teen Mental Health First Aid training.


Pirkis (Primary)

School-based mental health and suicide prevention interventions that challenge male gender norms.


Reavley (Primary)

Servers' Disservice' - examining work-life conflict, barriers to help-seeking and social connectedness in hospitality workers.

JOHNSON, Catherine

Hart (Primary),

Training teachers to assist primary school aged children experiencing mental health problems.

McGRATH, Martina

Pirkis (Primary)

Understanding Disclosure of Mental Health or Suicide Behaviours Concerns in Workplaces.

PUTRI, Adelia Khrisna

Andriessen (Primary)

Investigating the self-healing strategies of Indonesian suicide bereaved young adults.


Andriessen (Primary)

Developing Resilience and Ethical Decision Making in Children Through Cultural Storytelling Methods.


Pirkis (Primary)

Masculinity and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in men.

SEARLE, Kendall

Minas (Primary)

A Cultural Adaptation of the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Gap Intervention Guide for use in Community Healthcare Centres, in Shenzhen, China.

SHIELDS, Marissa

Spittal (Primary)

Working it out: A social epidemiological analysis of labour force status, mental health, and disability among young Australians.

SHIN, Sangsoo

Pirkis (Primary)

Identifying interventions at suicide hotspots and evaluating the impact of these interventions.

ZHANG, Zhongjie

Reavley (Primary)

The association between the caregiving burden and the depressive symptoms among the child caregivers of the old.

ZUO, Peixin

Minas (Primary)

Understanding the Impacts of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs on the Wellbeing of First-year Chinese International Students (CIS) in an Australian University: The Perspective of CIS.