The PARCS Services Project Report to the Community

The PARCS Services Project Report to the Community has been released and is available below. Project Leader A/Prof Lisa Brophy explains:

Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) services are recovery-oriented sub-acute residential facilities that involve a partnership between mental health community support services (MHCSS) and clinical mental health service providers. This four year project was conducted by a team of academics from the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, Monash and Deakin, PARC service providers and the Victorian Government.

Overall, our project has contributed to an understanding of how PARC services currently function, who accesses PARC services, and the impact of a PARC service stay for consumers, families and carers. The project’s overall findings are very supportive of PARC services and the outcomes being achieved. They indicate that PARC services are an integral part of the mental health service delivery system offering recovery-oriented services which are highly valued. The areas for improvement identified by our findings offer a starting point for further innovation and service development.

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