The ideation to action framework of suicide

The ideation to action framework of suicide

This seminar will be presented by Dr Becky Mars from 3.00pm to 4.00pm on Thursday 12 August 2021.

All welcome.

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Many risk factors for suicidal behaviour have been identified, however little is known about the factors that differentiate those most likely to attempt suicide from those who only think about suicide. This is a crucial issue, as only a third of young people will act on their suicidal thoughts.

Theoretical models of suicide, including the interpersonal theory, the integrated motivational–volitional model, and the three-step theory, are consistent with an ideation-to-action framework. This framework proposes that the factors involved in the development of suicidal thoughts are distinct from those involved in the transition from thoughts to attempts.

In this presentation, Becky will provide an overview of these suicide theories and present findings from my own work using data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC); a population- based birth cohort in the UK which has tracked the health and development of over 14,000 families since the 90s. Becky will also discuss plans for my current fellowship, which will use an innovative digital diary-based method called ‘Ecological Momentary Assessment’ to identify proximal predictors and patterns of self-harm thoughts and behaviours (over hours/days/weeks).

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