PHD Completion Seminar Mar 14 2020

Compulsory community treatment under the context of mental health reform in Victoria, Australia

Presenter: Dr Ruth Vine

Thursday 14th May 3.30pm-4.30pm
Via Zoom

Mental health legislation enables people with mental illness to be detained and treated even if they do not consent. Changes in how mental health care is provided has increased the importance and utilisation of Community Treatment Orders. Victoria's mental health legislation was reformed and a new Act introduced in 2014 with greater emphasis on reduction in the use of compulsory orders, more supported decision making and greater oversight. This seminar will discuss four studies undertaken to improve understanding of the process and impact of compulsory care on patients and their family/carers, in the context of current mental health service delivery.

Ruth has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in clinical and administrative roles since 1991.  She worked in senior roles in Forensic Mental Health, in the Department of Health  in roles including Deputy Chief Psychiatrist, Chief Psychiatrist and Director of Mental Health.  Ruth was the Executive Director of NorthWestern Mental Health from 2013 - 2019. She has contributed to a number of policy, legislation and service development initiatives across mental health and disability. Ruth is a member of the Board of Forensicare, Mind Board, Mental Health Tribunal and the Medical Practitioners Board (Victoria).

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