Dr Amy Morgan awarded a 2020 Melbourne Research (Career Interruptions) Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Amy Morgan who has been awarded a 2020 Melbourne Research (Career Interruptions) Fellowship.

About the fellowships:

The objective of the Melbourne Research Fellowships (Career Interruptions) Program is to enable eligible researchers who are University of Melbourne staff and who do not have a continuing tenured research position whose careers have been severely interrupted, delayed or otherwise constrained by chronic illness, child rearing or primary responsibility for the sustained care of a dependent family member, to enhance or re-establish their academic research careers. A number of Fellowships will be awarded, each up to the value of $60,000. To strengthen the duration and impact of the Fellowship, co-investment from the host faculty is expected on the basis of matched salary funding. This would allow the applicant to be awarded up to 12 months of salary, together with project costs of $20k.

About the project:

Reducing stigma and improving support towards people with severe mental illness

Reducing stigma towards people with severe mental illness is a priority of the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. Our team was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health to review the evidence to guide implementation of the Plan. However, we found very little evidence on how to reduce stigma effectively. This Fellowship will fill critical research evidence gaps in how to reduce stigma and improve the lives of those with severe mental illness.