How Big Data can Inform Mental Health Research

Free Public Lecture

How Big Data can Inform Mental Health Research

Venue update: The lecture has been moved to Cuming Theatre

On the eve of the 16th Congress of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology, this lecture will feature a panel discussing the insights, opportunities and challenges that different forms of big data can bring to the mental health field.

Big data has changed research, and mental health research has been no exception. This new wave of mental health research draws on data from domains including clinical records, links to administrative datasets, biomarker and omics data, collaborative neuroimaging initiatives, and data collected deliberately or incidentally through social media and smartphone use.


  • Associate Professor Nicolas  Cherbuin
  • Professor Nick   Glozier
    Professor Nick Glozier, Professor of Psychological Medicine
  • Associate Professor Melissa Green
  • Professor Robert Stewart
    Professor Robert Stewart, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Clinical Informatics