Current Research & Evaluation of Postvention Programs

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Postvention Australia is hosting a series of monthly live webinars running until September 2021. Dr Karolina Krysinska and Dr Karl Andriessen will be presenting ‘Current Research in Suicide Bereavement and Evaluation of Postvention Programs’ on Wednesday 30 June.

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About the Webinar:

With the impact of a suicide death ranging on a “continuum” from those who are exposed, to those affected and to those who are bereaved with complex, long-term grief (Cerel et al. 2014) and the many contexts that a suicide death may take place (including age and gender groups, rural and remote, LGBTQIA+, faith, & CALD communities), it is clear that post-suicide support is not only needed but must also respond to the unique needs of the individual or community.

Although the necessity for postvention has increasingly been acknowledged over the years, there is still a limited evidence base for the effectiveness of varying postvention programs and models.

At this webinar, we would like to explore the current research and evaluation of postvention programs, as well as future directions for the postvention sector and research.