Centre for Mental Health: History

The Centre for Mental Health (CMH) was established in 2013 when the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH) was restructured.  It brought together the three major groups that had been working in the area of mental health within MSPGH.

The first of these groups was the Mental Health Workstream that had been located in the Centre for Health Policy (CHP) and its predecessor (the Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics [CHPPE]) since 2000.  Headed by Professor Jane Pirkis, this group became the Mental Health Policy and Practice Unit in CMH.

The second group was a stand-alone centre known as the Centre for International Mental Health (CIMH). CIMH had existed prior to the establishment of MSPGH, having been created in 1999.  Under the leadership of A/Professor Harry Minas, this group became the Global and Cultural Mental Health Unit in CMH.

The third group was headed by Professor Tony Jorm, who had joined MSPGH in 2012.  His group retained its original name when it joined CMH as the Population Mental Health Unit.

Professor Jane Pirkis was appointed as the inaugural Director of CMH in 2013, and continues to lead it today.